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Investment in foundry finishing

With the evolution of KUHN's agricultural machines but also the demands of external customers, our castings became larger and heavier. These parts exceeded the capacities of some of our grinding machines, which had become too small, forcing us to grind them by hand. Our desire to reduce the number of tedious manual operations while improving safety led us to invest in a high-capacity machine and, at the same time, to replace the most outdated machine in our fleet: our ROBAMAT A3.

The ROBAMAT A3 from 1990

In service since 1990, our Robamat A3 had largely accomplished
accomplished its mission by accepting parts up to 80 kg.
up to 80 kg. In its last years, this machine
became capricious, with excessively long start-up times, repeated
times, repeated breakdowns, and its tooling (part holders) was
and its tooling (part holders) were very worn. This led us to
to replace it has become essential,
all the more so as we could no longer find spare parts to keep it in
spare parts to maintain it in good condition.


With the experience we had in the field of automated grinding, we had
2 possibilities were offered to us: to move towards a robotic cell
a robotized cell type SIR (robot which manipulates the part
in front of the grinding tools) or a KOYAMA cell (part placed on a support
(part placed on a support which moves towards the grinding tools).
grinding tools). We already had these two types of machines
and knew the advantages and disadvantages of both, which helped us
which helped us a lot in our decision.

Arrival and installation of the KOYAMA 500 TT XXL - Arrived on site on September 16, 2021, after a 4-day training of our staff, our new KOYAMA was able to produce its first parts at the end of October with very good results.

Our choice was a KOYAMA 500 TT XXL

The advantages of such a machine are :
- Its simplicity of use and programming.
- Very simple tooling (to place the parts).
- The fast loading of parts by rotary table with the possibility to put 2 different
to put 2 different references of parts with each its own
grinding program.
- Quick change of type of parts and program.
- Its reliability over time.
- Its efficiency and speed of grinding.
For example, the grinding time of the K841683D scale has been
from 32 minutes when grinding by hand (including handling) to
3.25 minutes (handling is in hidden time).

KOYAMA 500 TT XXL fiche technique