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Investment: KOYAMA 400S

The KOYAMA 400S automatic grinding and deburring machine, recently installed in the foundry, is a major technological advance in foundry deburring.
Bannière KOYAMA 400S

In 2019, although already equipped with a KOYAMA 500 TT-XXL cell and a KOYAMA 400Si-C in November 2023, CONTIFONTE has opted to purchase the KOYAMA 400S from P.S. AutoGrinding Ltd for deburring finishing of small parts.

This machine is specially designed to process gravity die-cast components. It cuts them out of their bearing and feed systems before subjecting them to CNC machining. This machining is carried out with extreme precision, guaranteeing the quality of the finished products.

One of the main advantages of this machine is its complete automation of the deburring process. Compared with traditional band-sawing and manual trimming methods, the KOYAMA 400S machine offers total consistency in operations. This translates into a significant improvement in finished product quality and overall productivity.

What's more, the KOYAMA 400S machine helps to improve the working environment by eliminating the health and safety risks associated with manual deburring operations. This is a considerable advantage for the MRT team, as it improves not only their safety, but also their working efficiency.

The new 400S also features an automated chip separation and deburring conveyor. This optimizes the reuse of all materials, reinforcing MRT's environmental credentials. This is an important step towards more sustainable, environmentally-friendly production.

Finally, one of the main advantages of the KOYAMA machine over its competitors is the inclination of its additional grinding wheels and deburring tools up to 115 degrees. This makes it possible to grind at least 90% of molded parts in a single cycle, which is a significant advance. What's more, it makes it possible to use non-precision fixtures, which is economical and quick to manufacture. This is a major competitive advantage for CONTIFONTE in foundry deburring.

One operator is in charge of managing the two machines (KOYAMA 400S and KOYAMA 400Si-C), which handle different types of parts. The arrival of these centers has been very well received by the staff, who have noted a significant improvement in their working environment and efficiency. They have no desire to return to their previous working methods, which testifies to the success of this technological investment.

The CONTIFONTE team has already expressed its admiration for the benefits of the new machine. It is now being used for all the foundry's current production, a testament to its performance and efficiency.

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